You woke me up from my slumber


Good morning everyone ! Awfully busy these days so to start off the week in the greatest way possible, I’m giving you a list of tunes you must check out.


13.05.13. / Monday Medley


Happy Monday (or not). So sorry for the lack post…summer is nearly here and I’m trying to focus on school and dance. Fortunately, the latter ended last night with a super fun show. : ) Now, exams and projets are taking over and although my brain is about to explode, I really want to try to fit a few posts here and there this month.

Let’s start with music, shall we?

1. step – vampire weekend (new album is killeeeeeeeeeeeeer)

2. let it fall – Lykke Li

3. you are the ocean – Phantogram 

4. before the dive – St. Lucia