Molly Muriel


The Portland, Oregon based natural and cruelty-free beauty brand started in 2002 with Brenda Tiffany’s love of making numerous pampering products such as candles, soaps, lip balms, salves and bath bombs right in her kitchen. Today, the selection includes shampoo bars as well as oils and each Molly Muriel product is made by hand with honest intentions and a great environmental consicousness.

No synthetic perfumes or fragrance oils are used, only pure essential oils for scent. All soaps are colored with plant botanicals and/or clays, with no un-natural food colorings or pigments. Molly Muriel also focuses on plant medicine to give the products healing benefits. Lotions are infused with herbs that heal and soothe, and bath & body oils are solar infused with herbs for their medicinal powers of calming, circulation, and inflammation, just to name a few.

I personnally haven’t tried the products but something tells me they must be quite lovely. Besides, who can resist pretty packaging with labels made out of recycled kraft paper in seductive pastel shades?


Photos via Molly Muriel and the Dieline



Hair Envy / Going short



Although I’m blessed with a  full head of hair that grows fast, I often daydream about chopping most of it off, especially these past few weeks where I’ve realized that my thick mane is back to that unbelievably long state where it could be put aside an actual horse’s tail and you would not know the difference. But here’s why I probably would never pull the trigger and do the big chop: knowing my luck (and face shape), as soon as I get the trendy mid-length haircut, it would give me a soccer mom’s bob instead of an effortlessly chic look. Sigh. My mother would kill me for complaining like this. If you’ve been rocking a long or not so long bob or are thinking of it, here are some styling ideas to inspire you!

Have a good week guys!

hair envy

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January Favourites


Happy Late Lunar New Year! Wish you health, wealth and happiness. I can’t seem to grasp how fast the first 31 days of the year went by. Can you???


1. Nivea Waterproof Eye Make-Up Remover: I have a hard time finding makeup removing products that don’t burn my eyeballs but this one’s texture ressembles to a lotion which makes it really gentle on the eye area.

2. Formula X for Sephora nail polish in Infatuaed: Lovely baby blue shade.

3. The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter : All the body butters from this store are incredible plus, you should never purchase them full price because there is always some sort of sale going on. Like buttaaaah litterally. This clementine one is heavenly.

4. Nivea Milk & Honey Lip Balm: Mega benecifical for dry chapped lips and I’m very fond of the honey flavour .

5. Origins Drink Up Face Mask: If you’re is in need of hydration, try this quick 10 min face mask to replenish your skin.

6. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb: When it comes to scents, I’m usually partial to fruits and stay away from flowers and grandmas. However, although this has clear floral notes including jasmine and freesia, it smells…exquisitely yummy. Not your typical vanilla cake scented body spray but it’s nevertheless youthful and not too mature.