Come on Spring, do your thing.



Snow on Sunday, sunny times on Monday. Yesterday was bright, this morning it’s grey. I swear it’s like Mother Nature has  favourites in the form of Malibu surfers and European models. Let’s bring on the sunshine for the teacher’s pets and let’s kill those Canadian fellas of doubt, hesitation and regret as they dress inappropriatly for the ever so changing weather, she must think.  Not exactly sure on what causes her bipolar behavior towards those who live in colder climates, but in the middle of this hot and cold chaos I thought I’d put together five outfit ideas that you can adapt to your daily dose of vitamin D. Oh and just because exotic individuals are often much more attractive  doesn’t mean the much awaited season that is Spring can be half-assed. 🙂

1. vertical striped trousers + trench coat + beanie + shiny loafers
250. Why pamper life's complexities
2. knit + parka + light jeans + sneakers
Walking around head full of sound, acting like we don't exist
3. chunky knit + straight jeans + pumps
Reaching endless heights in never ending nights
4. floral pants + suede coat + ankle boots
You shot me with your golden revolver
5. funky sweater + printed mini skirt + flat boots (add opaque tights if needed)
I've been infected with restless whispers and cheats
via my polyvore

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