Molly Muriel


The Portland, Oregon based natural and cruelty-free beauty brand started in 2002 with Brenda Tiffany’s love of making numerous pampering products such as candles, soaps, lip balms, salves and bath bombs right in her kitchen. Today, the selection includes shampoo bars as well as oils and each Molly Muriel product is made by hand with honest intentions and a great environmental consicousness.

No synthetic perfumes or fragrance oils are used, only pure essential oils for scent. All soaps are colored with plant botanicals and/or clays, with no un-natural food colorings or pigments. Molly Muriel also focuses on plant medicine to give the products healing benefits. Lotions are infused with herbs that heal and soothe, and bath & body oils are solar infused with herbs for their medicinal powers of calming, circulation, and inflammation, just to name a few.

I personnally haven’t tried the products but something tells me they must be quite lovely. Besides, who can resist pretty packaging with labels made out of recycled kraft paper in seductive pastel shades?


Photos via Molly Muriel and the Dieline



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