Hair Envy / Going short



Although I’m blessed with a  full head of hair that grows fast, I often daydream about chopping most of it off, especially these past few weeks where I’ve realized that my thick mane is back to that unbelievably long state where it could be put aside an actual horse’s tail and you would not know the difference. But here’s why I probably would never pull the trigger and do the big chop: knowing my luck (and face shape), as soon as I get the trendy mid-length haircut, it would give me a soccer mom’s bob instead of an effortlessly chic look. Sigh. My mother would kill me for complaining like this. If you’ve been rocking a long or not so long bob or are thinking of it, here are some styling ideas to inspire you!

Have a good week guys!

hair envy

All images are from Pinterest

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