central europe


This year, March break wasn’t my usual lazy week spent sleeping, doing Netflix marathons, eating….sleeping. Instead, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic and Germany were my homes for a week. Ha can you believe it? I can’t either. A trip in Europe is what most seniors at my high school anticipate all these years and although this year’s selection was rather atypical, I really have no right to complain and I’m actually glad our destinations were less touristy in a inauthentic way. I’ll spare you anecdotes you won’t understand but let’s just say my time there was absolutely surreal and I hope to go back one day to visit these countries more in depth.

3 things I learned in Europe

1. Wear confy shoes. Take it seriously when they say you’ll be walking a lot. They aren’t kidding.

2. Men there are…………prettier.

3. Attitude is everything. Things will never go the way you expect them to so choose to be positive. You’re incredibly lucky to be traveling so move on and don’t ruin everyone else’s mood just because you don’t get what you want. Good vibes only !

Budapest, Vienne, Prague, Nuremberg, Munich

budapest.jpgbudapest2.jpg budapest3.jpgbudapest5.jpg budapest6.jpg budapest7.jpg budapest9.jpgbudapest10.jpg budapest11.jpg budapest12.jpg budapest14.jpgbudapest17.jpgbudapest15.jpg

budapest16.jpgbudapest24.jpg budapest20.jpgbudapest4.jpgbudapest23.jpg budapest22.jpgvienne.jpg

image (1)imagevienne5.jpgvienne7.jpg

image (5)vienne8.jpgnuremberg1nuremberg.jpgmunich3.jpgmunich.jpgmunich2.jpg

Photos by me


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