V Day outfits

No matter what company or lack of you keep during this love-it-or-hate-it holiday, the mathematical equation for the perfect outfit, if there is one, does not ever ever ever equal Slutty Outfit Day. Everrrr. Bodycon dresses can admittedly look great if the amount of fabric surpasses the amount of skin showing, if your styling repertoire goes beyond five inch platform pumps and if this type of garment simply suits your silhouette. Still, there are plenty of ways to achieve a V Day worthy look without involving the obvious option. Going heavy on pink and red hues is not necessary (I clearly got carried away). Nevertheless, if you won’t try to emulate a sweetheart or cinnamon heart’s color palette on Valentine’s Day, where and when will you find such opportunity?? Start small and add more if you’re feeling bold! The most important is that you feel good in what you wear. So if that means a short tight dress that’s backless and shows cleavage, so be it. But I’m warning you, I’ll be looking askance at your ensemble from afar.
Sorry. My open-mindedness doesn’t go to such lengths.
With all their lions and all their might and all their thirstI wanna reach you with this binary mind
The crown of love has fallen from meAnd it's not the salt on your skin
1. oversized sweater + midi A line skirt + strappy heels + messenger bag + cool shades
2. cropped top or bustier + modern pencil skirt + fur coat + strappy heels + small clutch
3. matching colored suit + bralette + strappy heels + leopard clutch
4. lace dress + parka + heels in a jewel tone + printed clutch + spike necklace

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