carol2I’m completely smitten. Aren’t you?

With sunny weather comes lighter shoes. For a few years now, the hype has been around Dicker, an easygoing yet chic and totally lust-worthy pair of ankle boots. The weather is warming up and thankfully (or maybe not), Isabel Marant has come up with a new pair for us to obssess over. 

Meet Carol, the ‘it’ shoe of this summer. She was a stunner on the runway and with her chunky mid-heel, she’s also wearable in real life. Marant combined the gladiator sandal which is making a comeback this season along with the popular ankle strap shoe, creating the ultimate summer basic in which exudes her unerring way of blending Paris’s effortless style with the Americana vibe.

This staple pair is sure to be seen in every fashionista’s closet…who can afford 1035$ shoes.

 Here are a few alternatives for those who can’t.


1. 2. 3. 4. (also in black) – great options here and here too

Hope you’re having a great week!


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