yay or nay?


A few days ago, the sleeveless turtleneck crop top from American Apparel found its way to my closet. With the turtleneck trend coming up, I loved the idea of incorporating this black, subdued but still unexpected piece into my wardrobe. It’s different but still understated and not at all provocative like some American Apparel clothes are. I’ve seen several bloggers and youtubers rocking this baby so versatility is not the problem here. The reason why I’m hesitating on keeping it because of the wearability I would get out of it. My mom said: when are you going to wear this? In the summer, you’ll be way too hot and you obviously can’t sport a crop top during the winter. Good point. I could probably only sport this top during warm but slightly chilly days!

What do you think?

Is this a cool top I should play around and experiment with or should I return it?
american apparel


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