zara lookbook // february 13


woman lookbook here

Are you as sick of the snow as I am?! If you come from a warmer area, I swear, snow is not that fun. Maybe it’s the lack of winter sports in my life or the freezing wind that makes my okay looking hair  transform  into a frizzy and dry mess. But it’s mainly because I get really excited to change up my outfits, add some colors and wear lighter clothes. Speaking of spring clothing, I went to Zara the other day and I pretty much died. That’s right, the winter stuff is out (or on sale). That means cutout dresses, colorful trousers and tiger printed blouses are in. In this month’s lookbook, the woman section still has its signature components: it’s chic, straightforward and minimalist. Trafaluc (trf), on the other hand, offers less eclectic clothes. Zara’s casual line has more denim, prints and mix and match. Personally, I tend to gravitate towards the less polished section more often because of my age. I even wear an uniform to school so with brightly hued suits and cocktail dresses comes a certain lack of wearability. Not that I would have more occasions to sport the badass, pointy, black coutout sandals from the younger collection (see below) haha!

trf lookbook here 


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