Just a quick post before going to bed (you really should, sincerely, lack of sleep) to wish you a happy new year filled with happiness and good health. What have you been up to tonight? Personally, I spent the evening with the fam and unfortunately, later did the countdown alone (with friends, virtually. Yeah. That counts.) because tonight had to be the night my parents who are usually late sleepers were tired. Thanks a lot mom and dad!!

I got sent my annual blog report earlier today and whoooaaaaaa this blog was viewed 1200 times in 2012 !! It’s probably definitely like 1/100 of the views some of my favorites bloggers would get but it doesn’t matter, that number still makes me smile 🙂 Don’t forget to check out my Tumblr because to be honest, that platform gets updated a lot more regularly. Nevertheless, let’s hope for more posts this year. Enjoy the rest of your holidays whether that means staying in with a good movie or attending holiday parties!

2013, LET’S DO THIS.


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