Happy Holidays! :: Deals, sales and other shenanigans


Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you had a great day with your loved ones whether you celebrated Christmas or not. It has been what, two months since my last post? After endless complaints from my dear friend Elise, I am finally blogging again. Nothing to knock your christmas socks off really, (bad joke, sorry) but at least it’s something. I would apologize for my lack of posts but not only do I doubt the usefulness of this gesture since I don’t have that many readers but during these past few months, I’ve come to the realization that no matter how much inspiration I have, I will always be a perfecionist. Some peeps would call it a quality but so far in my life, it has brought nothing but lack of sleep. To be totally honest, it takes me forever to make a post. Don’t get me wrong, I admit I do work slowly and I have at least twenty drafts waiting around. But for me to actually publish it, I have to think it has to look decent. I’m basically saying that there probably will be more lack of posts in the future but I definitely will try to write a little something as often as I can! 🙂

Anyways, enough of this crap. Today is Boxing Day and I’m definitely going out to score some deals, not that I need anything. Here are some sales to check out, both online and instore. Happy shopping and hopefully, I’ll see you guys tomorrow 😀

Aritzia (online & in-stores) – If you are familiar with this store, you probably know that the clothes are not cheap. Well to a 15 year old teenager without a job aynway. So go ahead, get out of your cozy bed (omg, have you tried the downy unstoppables? If you like fresh laundry scent, you have to. you. have. to.), and run! The sale goes on online too so you don’t have to go outside and litterally step into slushy snow and stain and ruin your fall, non-appropriate-for-the-damn-canadian-winter-boots like I did last Friday. The store is having 20 to 50% off all Fall/Winter merchandise. Still expensive but oh well, better than nothing.

my picks:

Wildfred Free Myriad Tee 35$ 17$ – I know…are t-shirt. But I’ve bought some of their basics before at full price and honestly, they’re still super soft and great after two years. 

Talula St.Marks blouse (also in black) 60$ 35$

Talula Julliard dress 75$ 60$ – demure but still versatile

Talula Eden blouse 60$ 45$ – Adds a pretty layer under all your knitwear during wintertime

Wilfred Souvenir wool coat 325$ 225$

Talula Bowery wool coat 165$ 99$

Nasty Gal

  • 25% New Year’s Eve Sale
  • Year end sale

my picks:

Colorblock Pocket Blouse

Colorblock Pocket blouse 38$ 26$

Band Of Skulls Clutch

Band of Skulls clutch 38$ 19$

Sephora (online & in-stores) – Save up to 40% + some items are only 12$! While supplies last, they say. Run, I say.

Little Burgundy (online & in-stores) – SO MANY DEALS.

  • 20% off Sorel boots
  • 15% off all Ugg footwear
  • Extra 30% off all sale styles
  • and more

Aldo (online & in-stores)

  • Extra 30% off all sale footwear & handbags

Call it Spring (online & in-stores)

  • Extra 30% off all sale

Chapters (online & in-stores)

  • Up to 75%

Forever 21 (online & in-stores)

  • 30% off sale
  • Free shipping, no minimum
  • Extra 50% on sale items using code: HOLIDAY50
  • 50% boots

American Eagle (online)

  • ONLINE 25% off, excluding jeans & sale using code: 08087721

The Bay (online & in-stores)

  •  Up to 70%

Banana Republic (online & in-stores)

  • Up to 50% off
  • Extra 50% on sale items using code: BRCBOXING

Gap (online &  in-stores)

  • Extra 50% off sale using code: boxingday

Jcrew (online)

  • Extra 30% on sale items using code: boxing30

Madewell (online)

  • Extra 30% on sale items + free shipping on orders over of 100$ & more using code: byebye


  • Up to 50%


  • Up to 50% – If you’re from Canada, make sure your order is under 20$ so you don’t get insane duties ! Maybe try placing multiple small orders instead of a big expensive one.

If you’re in the Ottawa area, here are some local deals

Milk – 45 William St.

  • 40% off EVERYTHING or other location 234 Dalhousie St. 50% off EVERYTHING !!!!!!!!

Roadtrip – 24 York St.

  • 30-60% sale

Don’t forget to check out stores like H&M, Urban Outfitters and Zara 🙂

Ready? Set. Shop!


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