Honor Spring 2013 RTW


It’s like a mashup of Marie-Antoinette, Alice in Wonderland and some english lady. I read that Giovanna wanted to combine nature with the human anatomy (she was inspired by the birth of her first child) which explains the seamless blend of delicate floral, botanical and muscles prints. As for fabrics and shapes, this season’s collection was full of pouf, light and other whimsical details. Ruffled necklines and gigantic organza bows for the girlies, leafy high waisted shorts and collars for the boyish gals and high-neck halters and jumpsuits for the bolder ones. One of my favorite things was the color palette which mainly consisted of a pure white base with pastelly, muted neons, oatmeal, gold and greys.


Sorry for the lack of posts (I know I know, where the heck are the fall trends) but I infortunately have  the perfectionism syndrome which means I won’t post anything until I think it’s decent. Oh, and I have a math exam tomorrow. Bye guys !


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