Divine Design – Mary Katrantzou Fall 2012 RTW


Although she kept her typical vivid colors and structure, Katrantzou now has two trends under her belt: drop-waist and peplum silhouettes. The trompe l’oeil expert also added multiple layers of beautiful chiffon to some of the dresses in a suprising light color choice. The odd prints like white horses, watches and school pencils failed to matter as not only they are a signature must for her wild aesthetic but people were mostly talking about the few heavy knits (they’re quite hard to miss – apart from photo 5, look out for neck brace inspired turtle necks and there you have it my friend) that she created for the colder months; something totally new for this creative lady.

Sorry for not posting more, the combination of school and my lack of inspiration has taken a toll on me, I guess 😮 Will try to dive into some fall trends this weekend ! Catch up with you guys later xx


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