Back to School – Wednesday

Back to School - Wednesday
Today is wednesday aka the coolest day of the week as my friend Elise (go check her out here!) would say. After the first two days of the week, most students have probably already sported their best outfits. This means it’s time for you to shine! Mwahaha. Try something more bad-ass or bright or quirky. Just take a risk; it’s totally fail proof. First, it’s not Monday so if your outfit doesn’t end up being nearly as brilliant as you thought it would be, it’s not people’s first impression of you…unless they didn’t see you on Monday or Tuesday…uh oh. Anyways, they will have the rest of the week to forget about it. Mission accomplished.
The Must Haves:
  • Lace (other options here, here and here)
  • Denim jacket/vest – Want to be bolder? try something studded or oversized. (here and here)
  • Suede (here and here)
  • High waisted jeans (here and here)
  • Maxi skirt – above (here and here)
  • Colorful flats – above (here and here)
  • Animal print – above (here and here)
  • Collar necklace – above (here and here)
  • Cool earrings (here and here)
  • Eyeliner – Try a subtle cat eye look!

See you tomorrow!


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