Etsy Favorites no 1

fashion, living + decor

Etsy is super duper awesome for handmade goodies, art and craft supplies and even gifts ideas. It’s even greater when it’s affordable 😀

  1. Love the bright teal background – it brings a fun and funky retro vibe to the perfume!
  2. These gold earrings are awesome !! They kind of have a tribal Aztec/Mayan inspired jewelry or something.
  3. I don’t really need a soft pouch right now but hey, I don’t need anything I’m showing you guys today so whatever! You could put a bunch of things in those…some jewelry for your night out, posts-it, cash, hair necessities (bobby pins, elastics), etc. See? not so useless after all 😉
  4. So simple and pretty!
  5. Kellie from Le Zoe Musings just recently started her own Etsy shop selling prints any it girl would fancy. They are clean, simple and super lovely!

That’s it for today! Have a great weekend guys 🙂


4 thoughts on “Etsy Favorites no 1

      1. I agree with Carrie Riri 😛
        Looooove the perfume and I particularly agree with the fact that it’s a fun blog 🙂
        keep up the good work little bud and one day you’ll get there!!!!!!!!!!!!

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