This week, I heart


from Dior on Facebook

Red Velvet Marshmallows

from tracey’s culinary adventures

from wendyslookbook

from I spy diy

  1. Christian Dior Fall Couture 2012 – I admire Raf Simon’s work for Dior very much but I have to say, the set for this show was probably even more mind-blowing. So much work! One million fresh flowers were used for this..1 million! The results are incredibly beautiful and dreamy; it looks like a maze that came right out of a fairy tale.
  2. Red Velvet Marshmallows – About two years ago, my friend Elise and I made an attempt at strawberry marshmallows for a school project. Even with the help of another friend (Alexie), the results were basically an epic failure. Instead of having fluffy pastel pink marshmallows, we ended up with a hard textured mixture with a dark pink color. That did not stop me from eating it all up but fortunately, Elise’s mom came to our rescue and successfully made a yummy batch of sweetness. Seeing this recipe makes me want to give it another try, this time without drying out the whole thing 😉
  3. Ombre hair – I’ve been admiring ombre hair for quite some time now but never had the courage to try it out. My experience with hairdressers has never been fantastic (let’s just say I don’t cut my hair very often) but I’ve been thinking about taking a risk since my two fashionable friends mentionned earlier are dyeing their hair this way real soon. Any thought?
  4. Ombre clothing – Why not talk about dip-dyeing clothes as well? I really want to try this on a shirt or a pair of denim shorts…I don’t own any extra-clothing-I-don’t-mind-bleaching so I would have to go to Goodwill or find something relatively cheap at Wal-Mart of something.

That’s it for today! Have a great week-end guys 🙂 See you later xx


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