Zoom on a trend – The bustier top


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Hi everyone!  Today, we’re going to talk about the fameux bustier…no, not the lingerie piece of course (!!) but the bra inspired top. With a bustier or corset inspired silhouette, your look will naturally have a hint of flirtiness but you want to make sure it doesn’t go towards the provocative side. Anyways, here are some tips and ideas for those who don’t want to look like they’re going to club when they’re actually shopping or doing errands!

The key is to play with the proportions. Obviously, always look at the colors and the prints because they can change everything (which can be good or bad).

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  • add a cardigan, a sheer blouse, a parka, kimono jacket or a blazer if you feel too bare
  • show your mid-drift sometimes; it’s very trendy right now! Just make sure you know the difference between a bustier and a bandeau 😛 too much skin is never good!
  • speaking of showing your mid-drift, do go for a retro vibe with midi skirts and long pencil skirts. You can even try short shorts or as some call them hot pants but this trend tends to be difficult to pull off unless you are..uhm..Beyonce ?!
  • create the illusion of a bustier dress (with a skirt) or a one piece (with pants/shorts) if you don’t want to show any skin
  • pair it with something flare or loose or anything that has more volume to balance everything out (say hello to a-line skirts!)
  • pair it with tougher or sportier fabrics to set off the lingerie feel OR choose tougher and sportier fabrics for the bralet itself (leather, denim, etc.)


  • Slim skirts: Like I said earlier, choose a cool pencil skirt and go retro. When the skirt is form fitting like the top, the look becomes sexier so try to avoid a short bodycon skirt unless it makes an tasteful ensemble (use your judgement).
  • Skinny shorts: To make this combo work, start by making sure we don’t see your butt cheeks. Then, to make up for the bare legs, either layer your bralet under some sort of outerwear or make sure the shorts are high waisted so you don’t bare your mid-drift too.
  • Skinny pants: If you are persistent on wearking skinny jeans, make sure the prints and colors are in your favor. There’s a difference between wearing a daisy print bustier and wearing a cheetah one. And if all else fails, you can also try a peplum top. Since it flares out, it gives you the chance to wear something tight on the bottom.

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Outfit ideas
The bustier - fun
The bustier - elegant
DIY alert Feeling crafty? Add some studs on your bustier for a hint of badass edge. Feeling extremely crafty? Try sewing sequins or even pearls and beads !
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I recommend these stores: Topshop, River Island, Threadsence, F21, Modcloth, Nasty Gal, Asos
I hope you had a lovely weekend! See yall later : ) xx

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