Divine Design – Ice cream parlor


Thakoon Resort 2013 via Vogue

The king of prints does it again! This time, along with his signature mini skirt and floral prints, he adds frosting inspired textures, a dash of plaid and a mesmerizing color palette. While it doesn’t look overly sugary, the colors certainly differ from his spring collection (remember the bold exotic hues?) and even Thakoon himself admitted not expecting the line to turn out this way. Pistachio ice cream and strawberry shortcake are just a few of the yummy treats that come to my mind when I look at these designs! ; ) Anyhow, I really enjoy the mix of the boxy shapes with the sweeter colors. My favorite looks are #6, 7, 12, 13 and 15 ! What are yours ?

So sorry for my short absence and my failed attempt at doing an update with this type of post..again ! I’m going to try to blog more often with more significant  posts as well..see you soon ! xx

Go check out my good friend Elise’s blog for more tips and inspiration on fashion, she’s awesome!


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