Happy Friday everyone! Sooo tired. Slept at 4 wednesday and at 3 yesterday, all for the damn exams. Getting some more sleep this weekend, wooohoo : D ! Anyways, working on some more elaborated posts but until then, here are a few favorites from this week:


Dress – Alexis Mabille, shoes and bag by Jimmy Choo

Adore this adorable coral number worn by the beautiful Zoe ! It is by Alexis Mabille and to be completely honest, I have never heard of this french designer before..he makes stunning, eye-catching and flamboyant couture designs (this crochet one is probably one of the most wearable)  and I’m defnitely keeping an eye on his collections now ^^ I also appreciate the reptile touch; it brings a fun and youthful vibe to the outfit !

Sold at Net-a-Porter

I’ve loved the PS11 from the start when it first came out in black but this gorgeous jade color is to die for..not that I could afford a bag that’s 1/10 of this price, ha ! ; )

I could never do this hairstyle with my thick asian hair but it looks really lovely and relaxed. I wonder how you do it though..any thoughts ?

Have an awesome weekend : ) xoxoxo

Please go check out my amazing friend Elise’s blog !



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