Zoom on a trend – Perfect Peplum


 Hi everyone! No school today WOOOHOOO!

One of my favorite spring/summer trends apart from in-your-face-color is peplum. From the fancy forties jacket to a way to tone down a strong shoulder in the eighties, peplum has resurfaced in waves these past few years hence its huge comeback in 2012. While being flirty and fun, it can also look ladylike and sphisticated or even sleek and modern. Here’s how to wear it ; )

The peplum shape creates curves and can hide unwanted ones which means one simple thing: it flatters most body types : ) Everyone wears it from the top bloggers to the lovely Kate Middleton to curvier gals like Beyonce. It consists of an a-line shaped layer that is superposed over a plain straight skirt or that replaces the lower half of a top. They pair up with pretty much anything in your closet:

Peplum bottom:

  • Basic white, black, grey whatever t-shirt
  • Tank top
  • Long sleeved tee
  • Blouse/Button down shirt

Peplum top

  • Denim: skinny, skinny cropped, boyfriend
  • Sleek trousers or palazzo pants
  • Shorts – make sure they are not too big shape wise so it doesn’t look awkward with the ruffle of the peplum
  • Bodycon or pencil skirt
  • Flouncy skirt

Finish off with:

  • Heels – strappy sandals, sleek platforms, classic pumps, wedges, etc. – make sure they are not chunky; you want to focus on the peplum
  • Flats – Slippery road..skip any oxfords but if you are blessed with long legs, you can probably pull off simple ballet flats or flat sandals. If you have shorter legs, go for the heels because a peplum dress or skirt will naturally give the illusion of a more heavy bottom. So, you want to elongate your legs!
  • Boots – Avoid at all cost unless they are very very..very sleek and simple heeled ankle booties.
  • Accessories – Stay simple. Either a simple gold chain or one statement necklace or an arm party. The bag depends on where you go. Also, a belt looks very interesting and can add a lot to a plain peplum top or dress. I personnally prefer a skinny/medium sized one over a large one.

The working lady

Dior Haute Couture & Dior Ready-to-Wear via Tooklookbook

This trend is very apropriate for you since its origins come from women who would either want to create the illusion of curves or enhance what they already had without looking provocative. You want to go for trendy items that have an apropriate lenght and a reasoably conservative look, everything made in a work-friendly fabric. Also look for a fun but simple cocktail dress for work parties! ^^

Via See Jane. and Tumblr

The fashionista

Philip Lim 3.1, Theysken’s Theory, Burberry, Dior, Vera Wang and Giambattista Valli via Vogue.com

The key is to find a balance between runway and workwear. If you are daring, choose one bright item and balance it out with neutrals. If you are not quite a girlie, try an adjustable parka and pull in the sides to create an hourglass shape.

*Styling tip: For a peplum shape in 3 seconds, find skinny/medium belt and wear it around your waist over a top or jacket. Make sure the item is loose and long enough so you don’t end up with a weird cropped top.

   Via Song of Style, Tuula and Cupcakes and Cashmere

Pretty Peplum

Via Tumblr

Cool items here, here, here, here, here, here and here

Hope it helped & see you later! : )


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