Spring Summer Series :: Pastels and Neons – Part 2


Hi everyone! Continuing on the last post, today I’m going to talk about styling : D

The trick to not look like an easter egg or a bunch of glowsticks is to tone it down with pieces you feel confortable with. Think P.C.T. I truly hope this abbreviation doesn’t mean anything offensive because I actually mean print, color and texture. If these are basic and/or timeless, you’ll have an easier time to add in some brightness. Ha, that rimed! You are obivously not forced to do that; you can mix in neons and pastels with your zebra overalls for all I care.

Pastels and neons are greatly balanced with denim, lace, leather, knitwear, etc. Try to steer clear from too many ruffles or any  busy texture. As for colors, they are a stunner against neutrals while being just as gorgeous mixed with each other. Finally, they look crazy cool with almost every single print: stripes, polka dots, leopard, floral, etc. With this and last week’s post, you should be able to rock pastels and neons ! 😀

* Note: Only items with the brand/store name beside them are available right now..I tried to find a few other options for you guys but other than that, consider these outfit ideas as inspiration more than a lookbook from a catalogue : )

A pop of color

Striped blazer here


Bright blouses here, here and here

Pastel blazers here and here

Lace bustier here

Pastel skirts here and here


More dresses here, here and here

Quick DIY

With leather/fabric friendly paint and some tape, you can easily transfrom one of your handbags or clutches! Also, you can add a touch of neon on your jewelry with nail polish or acrylic paint! Here are some links to help you:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3l_nbWAOCo&feature=plcp   http://beautyandbeard.blogspot.ca/2012/03/diy-neon-painted-necklace.html

All images except outfit ideas via different blogs and/or Tumblr

Still saying no way Jose to brighter tones? In the next post of these series, I’ll talk about how to get a fresh look for spring that emphasizes on darker colors! Have a wonderful week, adios! : )


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