Hello there !


Hi everyone! By the time you discover this blog, you probably won’t be staring at this  post. You may be wondering why I am starting my blog in such an unusual way and honestly, I have NO idea. Right this second, I think I could’ve spared you the awkward reading and welcomed you guys with a few charming pictures but of course, I’m not going to do it that way…because.

Welcome to my blog, a new way for me to share my thoughts on fashion, food or anything worth talking about. I don’t know about you but I adore spending my evenings going through interesting blogs and browsing through a world of inspiration on Pinterest of Tumblr – all that instead of studying. A part of me really wanted to have a little part of this world so I guessed that blogging is the way to go. Yes, I am a professional procrastinator but I’ll definitely try real’ hard to update regularly. Also, I promise I’m not always that strange; I actually have pretty good taste in la mode (BAM! french skills). Anyways, enjoy!

That wasn’t too painful to read, was it? Oh well, adios los amigos & see yall later 🙂


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